Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What people do when it is 0 outside?

Some people plan months ahead for that time when it gets sooo cold that they just don't want to get out so they find an excuse to do it anyway. Here it is: they make wine in the summer and bottle it in the winter. That is if they are like my very creative friend Nancy. There is a nice place in Anchorage on Dowling where for a fee you can choose to make a wine of choice (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay....) they keep it away on a nice shelf for you for few months. So one day the juice is ready to be bottled up and that was last Sunday!!!!... of course! Anyway arriving and setting down the little tray of cheese, olives and crackers the first bottle of "Bench Lake Cabernet Sauvignon" was poured and served and tested and tested again and.... again. It is still a young wine but doesn't have any bitterness or acidity that you would expect. It is very promising and I do hope that I get to try it again in few years. We ended up learning how to use the machines and 24 bottles were boxed and ready to go in no time. Now Nancy is going to design a label for it. As you can see in the pictures we were working pretty hard.... (here is the quality control professionals at work!!!)It was a lot of fun. Thank you Nancy! Beats the winter blues and the low temperatures. (Jessica and her mother's shadow, pretty good picture, hey?)

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Anonymous said...

This is Rick, I am on the way this summer. I never knew you are to an artist like me. You can understand me better than most. I love the blog and would like to start my own blog but do not know what to do. I also write trip logs with my photography. I could post it all on my own blog. Any tips getting started?