Sunday, January 6, 2008

Health, Happiness and Love for the New Year

It is already the 6th of January. I have a feeling that this month is going to be real soon a memory. So I have decided to act quickly on my Studio project. That was stopped by a nasty cold that kept me indoor and out of service for a good week. I am starting to feel normal again. That time was spent on cogitation. There is so much to think about when you want to remodel a room.
(As I am typing I am watching "Planet Earth". They are now showing the forest of North America and some guys are climbing huge redwoods. That would be something I would love to do. Rise up in the canopy of those giant and be close to them in the climb. A true communication of body and spirit. Maybe some day...)
Where was I, Oh yeah! studio remodel. It is such a mess right now. I can still find things but I do have to look a bit for them..ahhahah. I need to reduce and make things more user friendly. See originally I wanted to put things in hard to get places so that I would have to move around and get some exercises. It was a totally aware of the amount of work that would involve and that was the purpose. Well my views have shifted a lot since... I shall have to find other ways to exercise and be more productive in the work room. It took me about 10 years to come to this conclusion. Who says that I am a slow learner....?? Well you might be right but the important thing is to keep on learning and to change when needing. Also I am only competing against myself, so there!
(General Sherman the huge sequoia was shown. So gorgeous. I would answer to such a general and follow his instructions. Ready for battle but I am sure that he would command peace instead. Namaste to you General Sherman)
The main necessity to remodel is to improve the lighting in there. It is really dim and unfriendly in the winter. I need bright warm light but real silent. Can't stand humming light noise of neon lights. So I am to study what will work best for the room and myself.
(Cicadas are shown right now in their short lived life, to appear only once every 17 years and as they die they will fertilize the trees. Such a useful end)
I also want to ban fabric from shelves and surfaces around the studio. I need another drawer cabinet and reduce my fabric "collection". I am planning on keeping fat quarters of things that I like but will unlikely ever use. I am a collector at heart and can't part with things totally. Not at this point anyway. So that should clear up some space. The hand dyed fabric, batiks and painted pieces that I just can't live without will have more room that way. I want to clear the design wall in order to access it more freely. Books should be in bookshelves by the outside door. I am thinking of putting my three large tables in a u-shape so I can sew in the inside with two of my sewing machines set up at all times and then cut and play with fabric from the outside of the U. The opening might be facing the design wall. Those are just ideas. I have a lot of work ahead. I started the other day by trying to go through my Country Living Magazine. A collection that I started in 1983 and ended in 1996.... Thirteen years worth of those delightful dreams. Great recipes, great decoration ideas, great antiques... floor plans of homes and old home real estate. Anyway I spent hours going through those and now they are all on the floor by the gas stove... to be put away once more. I can't depart from any of those either. It is going to be a hard job. and long if it all goes that way.
This is a very long post so I am going to end it by just a cry for help. Maybe some of you will have fabulous ideas on how to solve my studio problems.
(Baobab trees are shown now from Madagascar. Just amazing. The blooms are a foot long and open up in less than a minute. It is incredible. The views of the big trunked trees in different time of the day and night. It is just so beautiful. I would love to see those..... Maybe some day... )
So help if you please.
I have started the book "Atonement"by Ian McEwan. I have had to look at three new words (exculpation, I should have known about that one. Mea Culpa of my catholic years... well exculpa.... getting out of the guilt of fault. that makes sense. then there was "dastardly" it is a better way to say "nasty".... why because people might not know that your are saying that they are nasty....ahahhah. and then mendacity... well it means telling of lies.... another good one to know.) already and I am on page 9. It is already grabbing me though. Great set up. It is going to be a good read.
Well that is all for now. Oh I almost forgot. We had Northern Lights on Friday night. Red and Green. I was in the fog so I could only see the bright colors. Emily got to see them really well. Love it. It has been really cold and clear those last few days. That is if you are above the clouds...ahaha!

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