Monday, December 31, 2007

So Long 2007!

In few hours the year 2007 will be over, never to return. As it been a good year? I would say yes for many things. I got to travel even more than usual. Spain, Portugal, France, Chicago, Kansas City, Seattle, Walla Walla, Twin Falls, Grand Junction, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sonoma, Ashland, Homer. I got to visit with family and friends. I got to try out new cheeses (triple creme and purple haze...), I tasted fabulous wine, Three of my pieces were accepted in the "Earth, Fire, Fiber" show at the museum, I had my first solo show in December at the Snow City Cafe in Anchorage. I celebrated my 25 years anniversary. I completed a large commission quilt that took many years in the making. I had Christmas with my kids. I got a new puppy. My Mom came to visit us. Those were all so wonderful experiences. It was also the year of confusion. Few things that didn't go as smoothly as I wish they would. Papa Bob died in November. Some friendship issues that make me analyze myself as a friend and how I could improve as a person and also how the only thing you can control is yourself no matter how much you would like to control other things. So the "quest" goes on.
I hope that this new year will give me more time to read. I have been on the same book for months... it is not like me. I do like the book a lot too which makes no sense to me whatsoever. (Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides) I did go see many movies this year. The most memorable were: Fur, Darjeeling Unlimited, Waitress, Volver they were not necessary released in 2007 but that is when I have watched them. So, I am ready to brave another year. Bring it on!

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Nanc said...

Happy New Year, Roxane! Thanks for the great travels in 2007! Hope you come to visit me in Grand Junction!