Friday, December 14, 2007

Play day on Wednesday

I had a play day on Wednesday with Nancy. We went to Anchorage to a new restaurant to both of us called "Ginger". The atmosphere is very nice and calming. The food is interesting and different. I had a pull pork sandwich with bananas and Serrano peppers, a miso soup on the side. Really tasty. A nice White Oak sauvignon blanc to wash it down. Perfect. Well almost... The square plates were very nice but wobbly and the light kept on flickering. Annoying! Not enough to not come back though.
Then we were off to a visit at the Museum. They have two exhibits that are worth driving for. One is "Ainu Ramati: Soul of the Ainu/ Art and Craft of Northern Japan.
Very nice mix of art used in everyday life. shoes made out of salmon's skin
wooden box with articulated crab on top
made out of one piece of wood those are magic wand...
The second is "From the Fire: Contemporary Korean Ceramists". It is hard to describe in words the kind of emotions that you feel looking at those pieces. Some are so beautiful that you can only stare. (This one was made by third generation ceramist named Ji Wan Joo) How can something so square give out such lacy shadow? I love it. Some have textures that defy the medium.(Like this one.It was made with the slab building technique by Shin Kwon and is called "Nest") You would think that they are carved out of wood or painted with lacquer. (the piece in the center was made by Roh oon Guac with a netting technique and is representing a Korean Imperial Burial Ornament of the Three Kingdoms period).Then you have the secondary show of shadows that those pieces give without their knowledgeI took few pictures to captures those emotions in order to share them with you so I wouldn't have to use inadequate words and you can feel those pieces as I did. (this one can be worn... if you look closely it was made with ceramic pretzels by Jin Kyoung Kim), this one is from Hoo Sun Lee(Book of Jushua Chapter 4), then it is a piece by See Man Kim called "Blind Spot" I had to show the other side too. Such a gorgeous piece. Then it is a very raw texture on this jar I didn't get the name of the artist who made it... sorry If you can get to experience it in person well I would encourage you to do so soon.
Oh I was going to forget to mention Rie Munoz( who is showing a retrospective of her art. A series of original watercolors. They are so whimsical and have so much depth and personality. I love everyone of them. The colors cannot be duplicated in her publications. It is wonderful to see them up close. I wish the framing had been a bit more up to the quality of the artwork but I could bypass it. It is in the Atrium gallery of the Museum so the light is really nice. Can you tell that I am a big fan of her work?
We ended our little adventure with a visit of one of my favorite shoe shop in Anchorage: Skinny Raven. They specialize in running gear but have some comfy clothes and shoes for the after run...hahahah. I was just going to check out a pair of Dansko clogs in the "grease brown" leather. Those are the best. Gives you the height when you needed.... the warmth and the comfort. I do have few pairs but I need many more...ahhaha. Nancy got a pair of those. I am waiting for Santa to bring me one. I am being very good! Well that is all for now. We have snow, Alyeska is open (our Ski Resort in Girdwood), the temperature is -10 C. That is more like the Alaska Winter that I am used too. That is good!

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