Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Show

Thursday was a busy day. Nancy and I went to hang the show at Snow City Cafe around 3:15. For once it was a good thing to be late because the previous Artist was still there taking down her artwork from the walls. Things went well and Nancy and I could "communicate" and we saw things the same way which made the process painless and fairly speedy. By 6pm we were on our way to party at the Sheraton where Tote was having their Costumer Christmas Party. We had fun until midnight or so... if I remember correctly. We even got to the Presidential suite for a Glass of Champagne that never materialized...ahahahah. It was a nice evening.
So just to give you an idea of the space I took some pictures. They are not the best. I didn't use my flash and the yellow color of the walls plus the terrible neon lights.... On top of it the place was close so chairs on the table and all doesn't really give you a real feel but that works I guess.
So last night was really nice. There was a good turnout and good comment on my work. We had some bluezy music and some readings from the Alaska Quarterly Review members. People stayed until 8:30pm when the staff had to flash the lights to make people leave. I sold one quilt. "Treeping". I got to run to Denise's show at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio. She has really interesting new art works of organza and wax and ink and some older pieces that I never get tired of seeing. It is elegant and strong, mysterious and wise, sensuous and passionate. There is good energy and good vibes coming out of those. I loved them! you are in Anchorage it is worth the trip. It is on 57th and the Old seward hwy. The yoga studio is fantastic too.

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Nanc said...

Ahh....Roxane...You need to show pictures of your quilts hanging instead of me being a ham!