Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chinook and Atonement

The Chinook wind has been blowing since last night. This morning all the trees which were filled with gorgeous heavy snow are bare once again. The temperature is 32F and we are almost running outside in our swimsuits it feels so warm. ahahah but not quite. It does feel so balmy though it is wonderful. The word Chinook means "Snow Eater" and it does just that. It just evaporates with so very little run off. A bit strange. It has some mythic power and people tend to do foolish things when it blows. Like the Santa Anna in LA. So watch out! It is soon to be full moon too so we might have a double crazy syndrome around here.
I went to see "Atonement" last night with Curt at the Dimond Theater where there was a shooting the night before....... We are sooo brave! After arriving too late to see the 4pm we waited at Borders (bookstore, two magazines "Embellishment" and "Cote Sud") and then had a bite to eat (actually they were big BITES: I had Cocoa Raspberry Baby Back Ribs with Chipotle and a Guinness, that was really good. Curt had their Fish and Chips) at Suite 100 on Dimond Blvd a first to me. Nice atmosphere. They had interesting lamps in "pate de verre" that could have been translucent wood, but terrible art work on the walls.
Anyway we finally made it to "Atonement"
It is true to the book. The acting and casting are perfect. The house is also what I had in mind when I was reading the book. They treat the movie as a book and have few dialogues and lots of descriptions that in the book are words but in the movie end up being a lot of scenery and face shots with ample time to observe and take in the mood of the moment. It could be said that there are lengthy shots that could have been cut but I thought that they were necessary in order to give it the impact of the time and place. So I was not disappointed in the least and I got to experience the same emotions of anger and sadness. It is a beautiful classic tragedy. I am glad that I read the book first once again. It really helps me to absorb the characters and the story much better that way.
Sorry no photos this time. Now I am going to get some crazy fresh air.....ahhahaha and get blown away....ahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

I like Guinnes also. How do you put a slideshow into the blog? Very nice. How do you place the image on the side? How do you delete an image after you post?
Too bad the snow was blown off the trees.

Deb H said...

My how the weather changes quickly. It's nippy out there today!

I hadn't realized Atonement was a book first. I'll have to read it before I see the movie.

I saw Sweeny Todd this weekend. It's icky!

roxanestoner said...

Hi Deb
If you want to borrow the book let me know. Sweeny Todd is on my list to see but I need someone to go with me because I know I will be scared. I might wait for it to be on DVD...