Saturday, January 12, 2008

It gets worse before it gets better

The studio is to be a real challenge. Right? So I am taking pictures of the beautiful day that I can see through the windows and the door of the room. That gives me time to think of the ideal floor plan. and of course a little brake between folding fabric... not to scare anyone!!!
We have had about 4 days of snow. One little bird has decided to stay in the bird feeder. He has been so cold and hungry. It was 0 degree F. today. (About -20 Celsius) Gaia feet were so cold that she could not walk anymore. I had to carry her back in the house twice. That was a first for my tough German doggy.

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Deb H said...

Yes it is chilly out there!

I love the shot of your studio. Mine is a bit diarrayed right now too. I had it neat before Xmas, then my daughter came to visit & I encouraged her to play in there. It hasn't been the same since! But I was happy to have her.

Hope we see you & Nancy at Gale's Tuesday. Happy New Year if I don't!