Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Play Day!

Today was quite fun! My favorite lunch hangout in Anchorage has reopened: Middle Way on Northern Lights http://www.middlewaycafe.com/default.asp. Still in the same shopping center (Rei, Title Wave) but few doors down and more footage. It is huge! I love their concrete floor with big symbolic tree design welcoming you. I am not sure about the paintings on the wall. Another mismatch of art that doesn't have much continuity. I used to love the sole artist that was showing in the old "Middle Way". I wish I remembered her name. It doesn't feel like the same place but with the same great food and more room they should do well. My friend Linda came with me to play for few hours. I had my favorite Turkey Cranberry half sandwich on Sourdough bread with a Classic 12 ounce Cappuccino.... Linda had their half spicy veggie. No disappointment there. After a little stop at REI, another one at Title Wave (Best bookstore in Anchorage) we got to Reihl's, a great place to get your threads... and I mean threads and not the new word for clothes..... I got luscious silky threads in big bobbins.... only fiber artists will understand that one. ahahha. It is like picking new lipsticks or nail polish for some girls. I got one called "Plum". Nice variegated cotton by YLI. I should take a picture of my loot... Nay! I will wait for next post about the Collage I am doing for "Fiber art for a Cause" to benefit the American Cancer Society http://www.virginiaspiegel.com/NewFiles/ACSFundraiser.html
So on the way back to Eagle River, after spending most of the day in a grey environment there was a beautiful blue sky, sun shining in the horizon. Perfect! I did take few pictures of that. There was even some kind of an angel in the sky. Can you see her?She was in a great conversation with a little dude. Maybe another angel but I didn't have a good look at his wings. Here is another proof of that we did have a beautiful day on "our neck of the woods". You can imagine my excitement when we have had this type of weather for few days. This good day ended with an hour of Yoga at the Club. I can hardly walk. My legs were challenged tonight. Very good stretches.
I almost forgot...Friday night I got to see the movie "Into the Wild" at the Bear's Tooth. http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount_vantage/intothewild/ A must see movie. It gives you an accurate account of Alaska, that it is the real thing, why people have a great respect for it and that you have to be prepared for it. It is one of the few places in the world where nature can still have the last word. It is also about this young life breaking away from traditions and the lies of society in order to find purity and truth and finds it all along his trek from Virginia to Alaska. His last lesson was the most poignant to me: that true happiness can only be so if it is shared. Something he found in a book from Tolstoy but only could understand after going through the steps. After craving for so long to be alone and think that it was the answer for him he realized that it would only be complete if he could get out of it and share what he had experienced.
Don't forget your Kleenex box there are some real emotional moments. That story will stay with you a long time.
I started "Enduring Love" another book by Ian McEwan. Pretty intriguing so far.

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Hello Roxane:
The old Middle Way artist is Kay Marshall. I read but awful about keeping in touch. Saw Nancy today, yes, 'saw'. I'll be in touch soon. Is that studio remodeled yet?