Monday, February 4, 2008


(It must be spring??? Silly birds)
Well it is a typical February day! 15 below zero F. and beautiful sunshine that feels like ice. Can't complain too much because having the light back is something short of miraculous. I love that spotlight "sunsation" ahhaha. So I am hiding inside the house behind the window. Closing my eyes and thinking that it could be worse. I do have visions of beaches with warm water licking my toes as they are sinking slowly into the sand. I hear the sound of the waves and the seagulls. Oh well. It is very close to reality. Really!
Anyway after a very quiet weekend here we are. Another Monday a new week full of promises. I have worked a bit on my collage. Still need some stuff.I will take a picture in a minute and post it along this whinning lament.(Mission accomplished!!).... About taking pictures.... my wonderful pooch Gaia has decided to agreement her boredom by chewing on my beloved camera. She luckily only got the view finder that I don't use because of the LCD screen works better for me. I wish I could take a picture of the hole that is on the side of the camera. It is pretty sad looking. Fortunatly it is working and I am going to patch it and continue to use it. Yeah. Nothing like Duct tape to make you feel more like an Alaskan. We even have a Duct Tape Ball where people make their gowns out of that stuff. Anyway I was saying... Yeah so I will take few pictures later and then add them to this saga. (Done) Oh by the way: My do is still alive.
You know about Cabin Fever?....Well I do! ( a batik that I made to depict my look when having a Cabin Fever attack). To give you an example I was writting an email and realized that I have not gotten out of the end of the driveway since Thursday!!!!!!! It is crazy. It just creeps up on you and then you have only one goal. Get out of this house, QUICK!So, I am ready to get out in the real world. That is to the supermarket to get some stuff for tonight and see that there are other people out there... Wish me luck! ahahhah.

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Deb H said...

Ahh yes, cabin fever, I think I've been running one too.

Next time we get to gether bring the camera & I'll take a picture of it for you with mine!

Love the stuff you've been working on. I've been playing with embossing powder. Interesting stuff!