Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not For the Faint of Heart

I think that this blog is turning into a weather report! In Alaska it is hard to avoid talking about it. It is a never ending subject of sorrow... For months end we are living in the cold, the snow, the ice, the mud... etc. So to give you a little flair of what we have to deal with this week is my first short film... Very scary and should not be watched if you have a delicate disposition or allergy to cold...
Here it is

Have a good day!!! more to come in the next two days.


Nanc said...

All I can say is...........
I'm glad I'm in Grand Junction!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Roxane,
Cheer up, it wont last forever and its going to get nice this Summer. Because Mom and I will be visiting you. Its bad in Pittsburgh too. We have had lots of ice and cold. Get a nice bottle of wine and create a cool work of art. See you soon. Tell Curt I said Hi.
Rick C

Anonymous said...

I just looked over the blog more and you are so lucky. You have been to many great places. I hope you took lots of pictures. The art you have done is superb. I never knew you had your own show and all that. When I arrive in July you might be able to show me a few things about art and how to see things from the heart. Do you know where the wildflowers are best? Do you know where the fields of summer lupine grow best? I can not wait to get up to see Alsaka.