Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Winner is....?

Oscar night!!!!!!!!! A sacred kind event for me. I believe that my love for movies started with "Mary Poppins" when I was 5 years old. It was so magical. When you would go to the movies then in France you would get an "Eskimo Bar" or Caramels, we didn't have popcorn. I tried popcorn when I was 21 in New York City... I also grew up in Cannes where the Film Festival is the biggest event of the year so that might have contributed to my passion for movies. So Oscar night is a big deal at my house. This year I have not prepared as well as I could, I regret to say that I have not seen Juno yet and other well noted movies. We did go see "No Country for Old Men" yesterday. Not my type of movie. Good acting. The story was typical in the genre. It was bloody as expected but didn't have any originality. I like to be surprised, I wasn't. I was even bored at times. It was definitely not at the level of "Fargo" not even half way. Anyway, moving on... I hope that Daniel Day-Lewis wins for his role in "There will be Blood" as he was remarkable in his role of a heartless man, who wanted to make big money so he would be left alone, that is it in a nut shell and in his own words. There was a lot more though. Kate Blanchett is one of my favorite actress and she gave a meaty performance in the "Elizabeth: the Golden Age". Ruby Dee should get the Oscar for her role in "American Gangsters". Casey Affleck for his supporting role in the "Jessie James" movie. Ratatouille for the best animation. I would love for Atonement to win for best movie but we shall see... lots of competition. I will be ready with my "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (just a tradition of mine for as long as I have been in the USA, my once a year KFC Feast...ahahhaha) in front of the Television and will savour every minute of the show. We might even have champagne with it...
But for now I have to get ready for a meeting for the "Alaska Fiber Festival 2008. We have about 10 days to finalize the details to this event. Check the website for what is happening. A big event for the Fiber Community of Alaska. We will breath Fiber for a week in Anchorage.
By the way last year today I was in Madrid at the Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. That was really memorable. I never got to see last year's Academy Award Event. There was no contest though... Traveling is still winning over Oscar Night...
Today the sun is shinning and the stars will be out tonight!

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