Monday, March 3, 2008

Evidence of Spring and other important events!

This was taken about a week ago in my yard.. Pussy Willows! Just love those. Even if it doesn't mean that we are getting warmer it means that things are on the move. The sap is coming up and so is the long days ahead. Fur Rendezvous finished this year with the Running of the Reindeer in downtown Anchorage. People had a blasts running in the streets along the caribous... a bit tricky when you can imagine the amount of ice in the streets. No one got hurt apparently.
Also ma Petite Gaia has turned a year old yesterday. Then there was the Iditarod send off on Saturday: big event in Anchorage. Some interesting outfit always show up in this venue with wolf hats, hand sewed parkas, bear coats and more. Then I have few pictures of the hard workers of the Alaska Fiber Festival 2008 crew. They are avidly building a half baked kitchen......, ...., ........., This salmon is trying to escape from its fate....Australian Challenge Fabric Didgeridoos.... , Dolls posts....., Quilt Walk street signs.... . The real question is: Will it all be ready by Friday? Of course! Have no Fear! , , We are speeding out the process................ to be continued.


Nanc said...

Wow, You girls have been busy! It looks like some crazy things being built there!

Looking forward to your visit...and, yes, I would love to take you to that little cabin built into the rock. It's a really pretty drive! We'll be doing a lot of jeepin!

Deb H said...

I enjoyed our walk yesterday. You did a good job on the Quilt Walk.