Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's over for now!

A big group of us (Patty, Lorraine, Terry, Diana, Della, Linda, Debbie) went to have diner at the Greek Corner on Fireweed before going to the Alaska Fiber Festival Fashion Show. The Alaska Wildberry Theater has a strange way to welcome visitors........???? Jack Dalton and a lady from Texas were the Fashion Show MC's and they gave us a great show . I am not going to comment much on the details. That will be on a different entry, but... there were wine served by Dickand desserts.all eaten by Lorraine and Terry at that moment.... Then you can see Janie with her really nice hair doo . Anyway everyone looked like they were having fun. Of course I have jumped ahead of the story because I should start this entry with the set up of the Show at the Conocophillips Atrium. It took from 5pm til 1am on Friday night. What a nice display though. Judge by yourself with those pictures. The dolls were my favorite this time. Made me want to make one. I wish I had taken more pictures of them but ran out of time. Senator Ted Stevens graced us to his presence on Saturday morning and even bought a doll. Not your typical one but one that looks like an old elf. Josetta, a self taught doll maker herself is holding it. The fish is from a grouping of mermaids. The doll under a tree is stunning. Those were made by Josetta. The next one was part of the Hoffman Challenge. It is a commercial fabric makercompany that selects a fabric each year for doll makers and quilters to get creative. They have to use a certain percentage of the fabric and can add the rest with their own selection. This link is taking you to this year's new fabric challenge if you are interested.

Jeanie is working hard with her favorite tool.... the heat gun.I liked the serene look of this one. Then you had the kitchen area where the auction items were really cooking. Notice the first garment on the left. An original Nancy Dobson's apron and Kitchen Diary. Isn't it a cute way to have a silent auction? Then you had another challenge but this time it was the Australian to Challenge the Alaskans with this wild fabric. They ended up being a lot more crazy then us and came up with 60 quilts we had less than 15... The next picture is of Ruth. She is part of the NoNaMee Fiber Artists She does everything: weaving, quilting, doll making, shoe making, wool felting, wool spinning. and more. She had I have a passion for green. Especially chartreuse.

Going back to the Fashion show this outfit was created by our amazing Anchorage Artist Mary Hertert, owner of Color Creek Studio. I have to show you more of this spectacular piece. Just wild with about twenty more yardage of fabric for one dress. It was like a Pompadour's Dress. . This one could be a beautiful wedding dress. Here is a close up of the work . There were so many other fantastic outfits. I will have to make another post with the rest of the show and photos of some of the outfit. Here is a very bad movie of the last part of the show.


Nanc said...

Wow! The fiber festival looks like it turned out great! I'm really homesick for all of you now! Looking forward to more pictures!

roxanestoner said...

You were missed too Nancy. It was not the same without you. They might have to change the dates of the Alaska Fiber Festival to make sure that you are in town next time. Your postcard was one of the first to sale by the way. The womane that purchased it came right away and requested yours without looking for it on the line. Waou! I knew that about you.
Janie made me promise to say hi to you too and the other didn't make me promise but said it all the same. SO there WE MISSED YOU! See you soon and a big hug to your Mom for me. It was so nice to see her. Nice hair cut by the way. Have fun.

Deb H said...

It's fun seeing the show from another perspective. I've got more details of the dolls on my blog.