Friday, March 14, 2008


That is the title of my Alaska Fiber Festival outfit. La Sariette is an herb used in France. Not sure that there is a translation for it in English. Might be the same name for all I know. Anyway since the design is a little bit like an Indian Sari and that something is is smaller takes ette at the end.... It is Sariette! Especially because the theme of the AFF this year is Half Baked Alaska. That is only natural that it should have the name of a spice. So now take a look? It is only constructed out of linen vintage kitchen towels called Torchons in French. These torchons have never been washed or used and the long part is still uncut. Everything is put together with safety pins. I particularly like the hat. I might embellish the whole thing a bit. In the meantime I had fun tweaking the pictures and making them quite scary...... Never boring around here even when I am alone....ahhahaha. I am not even sure that I can still enter it but it was fun to do this morning. I had to do it. I will keep you posted.... literally. If you are bored....come over I'll take some pictures of you..ahahah

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Anthony Lemons said...

Hello Roxane. How are you? Be sure to vote on April 1st. I am a Candidate for the Anchorage Assembly. Thanks and great blog.