Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking the back way to get back

When it was time to get back to Tacoma, I tagged along Emily and Travis through Sisters, OR, following the McKenzie River, Eugene and King Estate Winery. What a gorgeous day it was. We parted ways afterthat and I went back North stopping at my friend's Bonnie for a little bit in Vancouver, WA for a couple of hours, arriving around midnight after loosing myself twice around the port... no comment except maybe... "Thank you Enstar!!!! "

Since then I have had some more fun seeing Cindy L. for dinner at Indochine last night. Delicious. This morning I went to see Bunny and Mimi in West Seattle at a French Bakery "Bakery Nouveau"(then ling takes you to their blog). Pain au chocolat for me. Of course! It was raining today (first day since I got here) and Gaia and I took a stroll in the old town in Tacoma looking at housesJust fabulous time. The air was salty and "vivifiant". I could live here. Will I ever get here? Well that remains to be seen but today I was.


Nanc said...

Glad you're enjoying your visit. Soon you will call it home! Can't wait to talk to you. Company here for a few days, then I'll call you!

roxanestoner said...

Hello G Ma to be. Just had a big party at the house. Wish you could have been here. You would like this house. Can't wait to chat with you too.

Iliana said...

Oh how gorgeous. And, pain au chocolat - well, now I'm jealous :)