Friday, March 12, 2010

The Eye of the Beholder

"The Eye of the Beholder", the title for this 2010 Fashion Show, organized by the Alaska Fiber Festival and Art Service North, was just an event not to be missed this year. Amazing things happened, I was under the spell the minute I set foot in the Sheraton's Ball Room. An enchanted world was greeting me where the decor was one of the grand palaces in my story books. The food was displayed on tables with a live person in the center in costumed butterflies or flowers gliding around the room. Big sculptural mask and a gigantic cape by artist David Edelfsen along the walls gave that extra dimension that your imagination needed to be transported in this new world. Few people on stilts meandering among the guests. The upbeat music was exhilarating. That was just the beginning. The tables and chairs were positioned to face the elevated runway and it there were no bad seat as promised. Big screens were in logistic locations around the ballroom to give you psychedelic designs moving with the music. The show was split in section depicting different categories:
Alaska, Under the Sea, Garden, Collections, All Dressed Up, Heavy Metal, Up Town, Women, Fantasy. The awards were given at the end of the show by Janie Odgers who masterminded this whole Alaska Fiver Festival idea along Gail Ramsey and Debbie Boyce.
One of the emcee "Mee Mee" was an over 6 foot tall with tall shoes Flamboyant Drag Queen working as a bartender for Mad Myrna's bar next door to the Sheraton. One of the most fun bar in town by the way.
So now on with my bad pictures. We could not use flashes understandably and the models were very up beat. I took mini movies of certain pieces but can't figure out how to make it to turn a quarter of the way to make it standing up right. (any ideas???).

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Nanc said...

Wow.....That looks like it was amazing. I should have flown home for the fiber festival.