Monday, March 29, 2010

Tacoma, Seattle, It's all Good!

(Port of Tacoma by night from Curt's Bedroom)

Alright, more pictures of my mini scouting trip. My stay in Brown's Point was a feast for the eyes. The view is something that could never get old. With the motion of the water the light plays and the scenery is ever changing, the mutation of the each hour adds to the equation. Add a really nice house with a friendly owner whose dog is named after Edgar Martinez (a magnificent black Labrador with the best disposition) who took the time for a liquid Sunset cruise in his 1951 Chris Craft, and opened up his house so Curt and I could invite about 30 + people for a party and you have a recipe for something for me to remember forever. I was lucky enough to see my friends Bunny and Mimi few times (Pike Place Market for lunch and some shopping at De Laurenti and few friendly booths) as well as seeing Rikki and Don and meet wonderful people that work with Curt. We had an excellent dinner at Lark restaurant on Capitol Hill in Seattle with la Chaine des Rotisseurs.
Back at home now and trying to reacquaint myself with my surroundings, go through my list of things to do. Busy bee once more.

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Nanc said...

I can tell you're excited to get home to Tacoma. It sounds perfect. Glad you got to see Bunny and Mimi! Will we all be stung in June? I'll call you tomorrow.