Monday, March 22, 2010

Around the Bend, OR

Just few days outside of the chill of Alaska is a trip back to reality. Back to where Spring is happening in full force.

(Camelia's in the yard)

(Mt Rainier in all it's glory)

(Inside Curt's temporary abode)
So I landing on time in Sea-Tac and after a night at Curt's home away from home with skyline views of Tacoma from his bedroom we took the road south east to get to Bend Oregon where Emily and Travis leave. It is a beautiful town build around the bending Deschutes river. It is one of those charming town with turn of the century mini and not so mini houses well preserved with studios on their backyards. There is a park following the water. Just a breath of freshair. The temperature is very pleasant during the days with freezing nights. Very healthy it seems.
So we went around town for a little shopping, a little eating, a little beer tasting (Deschutes Brewery Co. ), a little movie going at McMenamins "the Blind Side" (good one by the way), a little hiking at the Smith's Rock (outside of Redmond, OR) where rock climbers take over it's multiple routes overlooking the crooked river down below. (monkey head aove) A really beautiful area. The light was reflecting the colors of the season onto the surface of the chilly water. What a sight.

So a nice break from the few stressful past weeks.
Peace at last.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roxane,
So glad you found peace, sun and your family. Enjoy everything, what beautiful pictures!

BooksPlease said...

What wonderful photos and such beautiful places. Those rocks are breath-taking.

Nanc said...

Glad you're having a good trip! Nice pictures!