Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fiber Festival Classes and misc.

So after an excellent Quilt Walk and Show at Virtu the Anchorage Fiber Festival 2010 has been the fun time that I expected. Sunday I had a class with Kathyanne White who taught us to print on about anything flat that can be fed to a regular printer. There is hardly any limit and that was just a big double sided sliding door opening in my brain. The things that I am going to try to print on... you shall see. Anyway my favorite print so far was of an image of dry weeds that I took in France few years back that I printed on wood veneer. That picture just glows. It adds depth and a shine that is so sensuous, just gorgeous stuff. Would love to try on cherry wood veneer.

Anyway on Monday and Tuesday it was play day in the Texture class (same teacher) and the whole class exploded with fun little creation. I must say that I wasn't really drawn into that type of things and I ended up with things that are quite mediocre. My last piece is by far my favorite and something that I am going to explore a bit more. I do like metal and that gave me a whole new support for my pieces.

Take a look at some of the colorful work created there.

This one by Nathalie Motten:

One by Linda Knox:

Linda multitasking: listening to the teacher as she eats a piece of brownie. It takes talent to focus.

Carol Taylor is another teacher having workshops at the AFF and her class also added colors to their palette. It was with pleasure that we realized that we could purchase some gorgeous yarn and thread in her classroom.

Rachel Clark was teaching her class on how to sew garments and she gave a splendid lecture as usual at the Museum. Her coats are amazing and she knows how to captivate an audience by her words too.

So overall it is the best of time in Anchorage. More to come with the Fashion show on Thursday night and the Show at the Conocco Atrium this weekend. Come and check it out. It is not too late to get your ticket to the Fashion Show.


Nanc said...

Sounds like a great time! Miss being there for it!

roxanestoner said...

Everyone is missing you.