Monday, July 6, 2009

Quilting on the Kenai (part three), Wed. at Pat's and First Friday in Anchorage, 4th of July fireworks in Eagle River and The Forest Fair

To be quick about the Part Three of our trip to Kenai, we ended up driving to Homer for a look around (The Spit, Quilt store and bead store) and a bite to eat at "Fat Olives". On the way back we stopped at the Norman Lowell's Gallery. Always a treat. Great flowers in the garden and paintings that represent the Alaska that we love as Diana pointed it out to Mr. Lowell as he was greeting us. It was a really fun trip altogether.
The beauty of the Turnagain Arm took my breath away. I couldn't stop to take pictures but I had never seen it so pretty before and it is always amazing.

So about Wed. at Pat's (this is Pat) the weather was so clement that we ended up having dinner and show and tell on Pat's balcony. Perfect company, perfect food, perfect weather, splendid projects. The pictures will tell more than my words. Jinny is showing her little journals, Nancy her "Aquifer" creation,

The other Nancy demonstrating making silk yarn. Lucie talking about her "Gut" adventures.
Pollie showing her silk scarves. Deb was giving us a preview of her show at Terra Bella. She is an amazing free hand machine embroiderer.

First Friday was the 3rd and Nancy, Curt and I went to Terra Bella in Anchorage to check out Kathy Harte, Deb Hartman and Judy Wedemeyer's work. I recommend for you to go take a look there are some really good stuff. The show revolves around "Time" our great guide. It will run all month. Then we took a peek at Sevigny's Gallery than Zoe's and Artique. Then it was time to have dinner at "Sacks". I had their fabulous Tomato Gorgonzola soup and crab and scallops cakes, a nice Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 from the Valley of the Moon Winery in California and an espresso. My companions were not into dessert mode so it ended up being a good thing for me. I don't need the extra calories right now. A very nice evening, the weather is fantastic right now. I just love it. Having lunch and dinner on my balcony everyday night. Just great!
The 4th of July celebration in Eagle River with my regular Fireworks viewing at Midnight at the Lyon's Park. I met Terry and her family there. We had some good laugh and the fireworks made just the proper big booms and a superb ending.

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Girdwood for the Forest Fair. I just love this event. In the middle of the trees you have booths with local crafts, food and three stages with live music. Good music. (Here are Curt and Jennifer). There is no entrance fee. Here are a taste of what it was like.

sorry about the sideway view... I will try to rectify this soon...

Now I am a bit recuperating from all the festivities. I have to finish a little quilt for the Bear Paw Festival which is happening this coming weekend and the Kenai Challenge. I am doing well on those two. Lorraine's quilt is next, starting on Thursday. So that is a wrap for tonight. Phew! that was a lot to cover in one post.

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