Thursday, July 9, 2009

About what I have been reading

I have finished Tana French's second book "The Likeness". I just loved it! The story kept me interested until the end. Even when things were not really going fast I had such a pleasure getting to know those "people" and their environment. So many emotions of loss, love and friendship, courage and fear. I felt that I was experiencing all those (emotions) right along the characters. So I can't wait for another one of Tana French's book to come out. I was going to start "The Memorist" one of the next book club selection and I did for few pages but everyone on the book blog sphere was talking about "Brooklyn" by Colm Toibin. It fell in my hand in Kenai (imagine that) and I was soooo ready for a good love story. Well I didn't like that book at all! The author was telling the story in such a nonchalant mechanical way. Eilis, the principal character is very naive, has no personality and so passive that most of the time I could only feel sorry for her. The description of her voyage from Ireland to the USA consisted in explaining how many times people got sick on the ship and how many times they had to go to the bathroom! Not my idea of a love story. When you finally get to the relationship it is not getting better. The ending was predictable knowing how this girl was. I was thinking that I was loosing my time reading this but kept hoping for something fabulous to happen. It didn't! So I am still in need of a good love story.
I have been reading short stories from The Best American Short Stories series 2001. Just finished Alice Munro's "Post and Beam" and I see why she has gotten the Man Booker's International Prize this year. The story is so well constructed and she gets you right into the head of those people and you get the atmosphere and breath right along them such a different bite than Master Toibin. A bit like regular cheddar and extra extra sharp aged Cheddar. (I am a cheese lover, what can I say?)
I think that before going back to "The Memorist" I am going to read "Messenger of Truth" in the Maisie Dobbs series by Jaqueline Winspear. Maybe I will get that romance I am looking for in that one. We shall see. I did pick up "The Love Department" by William Trevor at the Book Shelf yesterday but knowing his short stories very well I don't think that it will be "that kind" of love department. I have never read a full novel of his so that should be a treat. It is a bit strange that so many of the books I have been reading lately are happening in part in the UK. That might be a sign that I have to get there soon.
Oh, there is a new used bookstore in Eagle River. I have not been in it yet but that should be rectified really soon. Don't you think?
Our library has been closed for a month due to a move to a new location. It is going to be right in the same building as the gym where I do Yoga. So convenient. The new sign is up. Don't know when is the big opening though.
Oh and for all the A S Byatt fans out there she is going to be visiting this wonderful blog on Monday, that should be an experience not to be missed.
Happy reading!


Iliana said...

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed The Likeness. I admit at the very beginning I wasn't so sure given the premise but it's one of those where the storytelling is just so wonderful you can really suspend disbelief. I'm really looking forward to her next book. Sorry to hear Brooklyn wasn't what you expected. I hope you'll enjoy Messenger of Truth. I love all of the Maisie books.

roxanestoner said...

Have you read Brooklyn? Can't remember reading a review on your blog about it. I know what you mean about The Likeness. Maisie Dobbs is a great character that has some really nice qualities. I would love to have her as a friend.

Iliana said...

No, I haven't read Brooklyn but one of my blog friends recommended it. I'll keep it on the list for one of these days :)

And, yea, wouldn't it be great to meet Maisie? I think we'd get on well!