Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bear Paw Festival 2009

We have had a nice sunny weather for the entire Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River. That made our little community very happy indeed. The Chugach Mountain Quilt Guild puts up a Quilt Show for the occasion. The location varies but this year it was at the Elk's Lodge.

The Guild has a small area for show quilts, one for vendors, one area for demonstrations and then one for the Auction quilts. Visitors and members of the Guild get to vote on their favorite quilts.

See two of my favorite volunteers setting up the "Tass" (The Applique Society booth)

Jan and Diana had made the ribbons.

Diana stole the show winning first viewer's choice and second member's choice for her Auction Quilt and overall best quilter. She is an amazing quilter, friend and member of our community so it was a well deserved award.
Her quilt also generated the most money.
She had the excellent idea to use "cheater's" cloth of various sources cut out elements of interests and constructed the perfect Alaskan Scenery from those.

Becki Ezell got first member's and viewer's choice for her very colorful Show Quilt. This quilt was the result of a class organised by the guild.

This one got two ribbons also second and third place for Show Quilt. Made by Kathy Benson this quilt was executed in the Caree Gulati class the Guild had organized. It's Title is
"3D's Explosion"

This one by Stacey Horn got second place in the Quilt Auction

A beautiful Sashiko piece with marbled fabric butterflies took second and third place in the Show Quilt. I believe it was made by Bonnie Lopez

Nathalie won third place viewer's choice for the Auction Quilts. Her quilt is a design by Barbara Lavallee who is very popular for her whimsical Alaskan paintings.

Oh and my little quilt got first place viewer's choice for the Auction Quilts. Other than that we offered a Mystery Class (Saturday Night) one night that went into the night, a Love Patches session (Friday Night) where we made quilts for the children who are removed from their homes for various reasons.


Beena said...

Thanks for sharing all these great pics from the festival!

BooksPlease said...

Such beautiful quilts - I'm full of admiration!

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Beena and Margaret for your comments.

Iliana said...

Congratulations on your first place! These quilts are just lovely. I wish I could do something like this but I think for now I'll just stick with sewing book pages :)

Nanc said...

Looks like the quilt show and auction were a success! Just got back from the cabin, so missed the festival once again. So, where is a picture of your winning quilt??? Congratulations!

roxanestoner said...

Iliana, thank you so much. You are doing such good work with your books I understand what you would want to stick with it. One day I will make my own journal but I have not taken the time to try it out yet. Would be fun to choose the right papers for inside and the right cover, etc... I love the beading that you do on the spine of yours. It must take a bit of time and patience for sure.
Nancy, Long time no see Stranger, Thanks for the congratulations, you can see the quilt on the a seperate post Jul. 8th. You had the perfect weather for a trip to the cabin you lucky person you.

hoganfe said...

Congrats on your prize!
Waving from another quilter from north of Willow Alaska!

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