Monday, July 27, 2009

Complaints, Marching Trees and the Zoo

It's been a different two weeks weather wise with rain, grey and more wet stuff in between. Can't say I like having to wear fleece at the end of July when the rest of the World is sweating in the shade wearing their beach outfit or less...

Well enough complaining because I have been semi productive in the studio. Nothing to show yet. Got to be patient in that domain. But I was reminiscing on a series of tree pictures that I had taken in Arizona and Colorado. They were forked trees that if looking upside down would look like torsos with legs! (See this tree's abs!!!) Well I had forgotten to shares those with you guys. So here are some examples. (this one is in a hurry) I really like that pair.
I also had the chance to go to the Zoo about two weeks ago for a fund raising event. Chef Al was cooking Italian under the tent the music was fun (notice the beaded guitar strap) and the very creative cake!!! was actually not bad to eat it had a lemon filling. We (Curt and I) went on a little tour of the zoo with champagne on hand. I won't put the zillion pictures that I came home with but only the odd ones of course. You might want to guess what you are looking at. Note that "our" zoo contains only animals that can sustain our climate. Many of them are rescue animals. I need to point out that the wolves were the most active that night and even howled at us as we departed.


Beena said...

I like the tree pics! They really do look like torsos with legs!

Nanc said...

I saw a few trees like this on my walk yesterday! I especially like the birch!!