Monday, July 13, 2009

More to talk about...

Well I have left out one thing on yesterday's post: I purchased a quilt at the auction. I have been watching Della Dircks make beautiful handmade pieces for years. Her applique is really exquisite, but this year I fell in love with that little happy quilt of hers. I spotted it right away and it made me smile and I knew that it would be an instant shot of well being in the dark months to come if I had it in my studio. It was meant to be because I won it and when I looked in the back for it's title I was so delighted to see that it is called: "The Blue Bird of Happiness". Just what I saw in it. So there!

It is now in position just in front of my working table. I only have to raise my gaze and I'm happy.

Then I wanted to share a little piece that I am getting ready to bead. I have drawn this little sketch on a piece of bark. I had done another one like that for "Collage Mania" last year. This time it is a bit larger and not so somber I think.
I worked on two other small quilts during Bear Paw. The first one has been an ongoing beading project that I take out once in a while. It is morphing on it's own and has now wings and I would not be surprise if it gets a perch pretty soon as well as bird legs to accommodate it's need. The colors are a bit off on that picture. It is more subdued.
The other one was started at retreat in April and has been patiently waiting for it's beads. I have selected vintage yellow minute little things that require a #13 needle. I only had 11's with me so I got really frustrated trying to find few that would allow such a "huge" needle. I had to abandon very soon but it gave me the look that I wanted so I will get that #13 needle tomorrow and continue with that project. I kind of like the bell at the bottom and the red dot bone rectangular bead. I also tried lavender color silica at the bottom but I will stick to the yellow and bear with my frustration as I am suspicious that even a #13 will not be small enough for them. Yikes!


Beena said...

Love the bluebird you acquired. But I especially love all the projects you are working on. I really like the ambiguity of the imagery in the last project pictured. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Bear Paw wins. It was a great success. You have been busy with beautiful new creations.
The Artist Way works!

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Beena, your comment means a lot to me.
Thanks Linda, You are too funny. Just to show you last year my piece got two blue ribbons and a purple ribbon... I am not sure the Artist Way is working following your theory!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxane,
Thanks again for the ride, hope you got some sleep. Portland is getting to 100 today. Happy quilting.