Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oak Creek Canyon

There is a little gem of a drive between Flagstaff and Sedona. It is Oak Creek Canyon. I just like the shady trees, the filtered light, the flat red rocks at the bottom with water running gently over them, the little tucked away chalets. Lovely! We went on a hike called "West Fork Trail". It follows a branch of the stream with rocks falling right into it. What you call a riparian walk (situated or taking place along or near the bank of a river)... Very easy mostly flat walk crisscrossing the river. Wonderful. The light enters this area like a spot light in this narrow canyon so the contrasts are pretty strong between shadows and light. Such a photographers delight. The sky and the red rocks reflecting in the pools ...The new growth on the trees. So bucolic, you would think that Thoreau and Emerson were walking along with you as you remember their writings and philosophy on nature. Those moments make you feel so alive and so much part of the whole picture. My daughter informed me that I am too much.... She might have a point, then again...

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Lionheart said...

Roxane its Rick,
You are making me jelous with all these great photos and hiking around in gods country. From your poetic writting I know you love nature as much as I. Curt looks ok in those sun glasses. Please keep good notes I plan to visit the Sadona red rock area next year in the fall. See you guys soon. RICK