Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Rocks

Going on a hike around Fruita was a wonderful thing. Devil's Canyon where the rock is very dark and progressively changes color as it ascends is so visually pleasing. The rocks above the deep canyon are smooth with holes of strange shapes. We did a big loop and ended up in a nice open area where some rocks were carved like an amphitheater so we could hear echos of our voices. Pretty neat! Few Indian Paintbrushes pocking through the arid soil makes you wonder about nature once more. In the meantime Warren had picked up a couple of chisels at the hardware store so the "artists" could work on making faces on medium size rocks. Of course Nancy had hers nearly done in no time. I on the other hand slaved up for a while. They will be living in the yard maybe shading some violets.
I ended up staying another day in Grand Junction so we went out to shop in downtown in the morning then a great hike in the afternoon. Dominguez Canyon is really a lot of fun. Hot though. I would say that early morning or late afternoon might be the way to go but I still had a blast. We took an entrance that is kept a bit secret and crossed the river. We walked for about 2 hours one way but could have gone on for weeks.... There were some amazing rocks. Granite, basalt, quartz, sandstone, rhyolite and some mica. It was hard to resist taking pictures of every inches of the scenery around. We saw petroglyphs not far from a great big waterfall.Just on the main trail. Gorgeous little figures. Of course some people have added their own mark to those spiritual markings. It makes you wonder why? But from the beginning of times it seems that men have wanted to change, add and mark their passage to this Earth. We can't help it!
On the way back, just before crossing the bridge was a magnificent specimen!

A Big Horn Sheep. If the Horn wasn't a clue already that it was a male, its back end showed proof of it for sure. Since Nancy was the one to spot it I thanked her for taking me to the "Ball Game"... Bad crude joke I know... Sorry about that. Anyway it was just a special place that I would not mind seeing again. So this conclude my broadcasting from Grand Junction. It was a really fast fun week. The Dobson have a gentil way about them that is wonderful added to a good sense of humour. Nancy is a perfect hostess and a such a good friend.


Lionheart said...

It looks like the Colorado trip went well. You take great photos. I wish I could have tagged along. That area of the country is on my list. I have been to Rocky Mountain NP but not to the Southwest area near Arches and such. The rocks realy are red just like at the grean canyon it appears from your photos.

roxanestoner said...

Yeap it was really great. Thank you for the compliment. Coming from you especially. You would love those red rocks. Look into the Colorado National Monument. It is a little gem that not many people know about just 15mn from Grand Junction. What is so nice is that you drive right inside the rocks so you are part of it. Spectacular. Right now is a good time because it's not too hot. Antilope Valley in Arizona is another good spot to photograph. Talk to you soon

Nanc said...

Thanks for coming to visit us, Roxane! It sure was fun! Geez..wish I was as photogenic as Tryggur!

roxanestoner said...

It was fun for me too. Are you missing me yet? ahahha. I went twice to Sedona. Did some hiking. Straight up the mountain.... Emily said it was a gradual hike.... It was a lot of fun doing some climbing in the red rocks, holding on to dear life. The best part is that I was conditioned to do it without any aching today. Yeah! It is nice to be back in shape, at last.