Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grand Junction, Colorado

Should I tell you about driving for 7.5 hours, crossing the Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, Moab with my little Gaia on my lap the whole way? It was quite a gorgeous ride. It was so nice to arrive and find out that Nancy, Craig and Katie were waiting for me with a fabulous meal of Jambalaya over penne pasta and a nice red wine. Just what I needed to forget the long drive. Since I got here my eyes have filled up with wonderful scenery. Red Rocks galore!. Nancy and I went hiking to a Mica Mine in the Escalante Creek. Hard to describe the experience of finding your arms covered with pixie dust. The path was just covered with some sheets of Mica and the rest of the rocks were pure quartz sometimes as white as snow some other times it was pink. We had a pique nique in a flat stone overlooking an incredible vista of Red smooth rocks with the most unbelievable patterns. We visited some wineries in Palisades. Took a ride in the Colorado National Monument. Yesterday was quite windy so we took a road trip. I could not talk most of the time because I was having the most incredible spiritual experience. It was as if I were visiting thousand of sacred sites in one day. What a beautiful area. I just won't forget this experience. Some of the North facing mountains were still full of snow adding to the decor a sense of mystery. We also took some time for Happy Hour in the back yard basting in the sun with the blue Colorado sky above our heads. Waou is all I can say! Sorry for the lack of words. Tomorrow another day of Hike. So fun! this is one of the sculptures on Main Street.
So it has been wonderful spending time with Nancy in such a decor.

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