Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flagstaff once more

Back in Flagstaff I didn't spend any time and went hiking. Once very close in the forest of ponderosa pine. Nice light filtering through the giant trees. Their trunk so erect with a bark so black and rosy. Is it why it's nice is Ponderosa... rosa for the color? don't know. The hike went well until my little Gaia decided to go totally mental and act like a wild wolf everytime a biker with loose big dogs would come around.(every 5mns). We went on for about 2hrs altogether. Turn out that it was the day before full moon!!!!!!! So after she escaped from her collar and leash and that Emily had to tackle her down to get her we had enough of the nice meandering trail following a little peaceful babbling brook!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when we decided to go hike in Sedona we left the pooch at the apartment. We selected a nice easy one that would be done rather quickly but in the red rocks. (Cathedral Rock) Emily said that it was a gradual ascent and I would be just fine. Well once there "she" remembered that it was straight up the mountain. It was pretty vertical with rock bouldering. (Took this pictures behind Emily's polarized sunglasses... different hey?) A bit scary but so much fun. I made it all the way to the top in about an hour. No sweat! I also took pictures along the way, didn't scratch one thing. Just great time to spend with my daughter. We were welcomed at the top by a guitar player who was enjoying the scenery. It was nice to just sit and listen to the music that he was making added to the strong sound of the wind channeling through the two high spires into the natural holes in the rock facades. It was a bit like being in a church, a religious or spiritual experience of a sort. Actually "they" claim that this one of the "Vortex" sites in Sedona. I could have stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. We were pretty silent for a while then it was time to go down... That was a bit concerning at first but then ended up easier than the climb. I just took it slow and scrambled down. There were already some wildflowers. The view of course was breathtaking. I have to brag about the fact that I am not a bit achy today. That is a good sign that I am getting in shape and I am going to continue once back at home to "attack" the trails.

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