Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ruby Tuesday and the Morning after the Full Moon

Those are my pictures for Ruby Red Tuesday. Don't forget to go visit the other participants by using the link.

Yesterday was Full Moon. We have had temperatures around the low 20's so the air was crisp and clean. A bit challenging for me to capture any kind of image in the outdoors... but, this morning, I finally did.

So this is: "The Morning After the Full Moon"

Stay warm everyone. Find a few good book, keep the kettle on for the tea, stay close to the fresh baked breads (Thanks Jennifer!) and cookies (Thanks Paul!) and wait until Spring to come out of hibernation.


Iliana said...

Stay closed to the fresh baked breads - love that! :)

Great pics of the full moon. Hope you are having a wonderful week.

~Just me again~ said...

Nice shots! I'm posting a full moon tomorrow ;). I love them.

Nanc said...

Looks like you're having clearer weather than here in PA. I'll be glad to get home and stay put for awhile. Keep the light on for me...... See you soon!

roxanestoner said...

Iliana, I am staying put and the week is zooming along. I am enjoying my reading a lot.

Just me again: Thank you very much for the comment.

Nancy: The light is always on for you. Enjoy your family time in PA. Still no snow. Just pretty sunshine today.