Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Sunday Lit.

I just finished up to the end "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver. I am saying that because I had not been able to do so the first time. I had been in need of a different kind of read at the time. Sometimes it is worth the wait to really appreciate a book. This book is hiding behind its fiction stories real and important facts about the environment, life as a farmer, new and traditional ways, views of farming,and rules of the wild. The book is looking at the different lives of people living in the Zebulon Mountains of Virginia. Three different situation separated by titles as "Predators", "Old Chestnut" and "Moth Love". Some of the characters most of them are related some how by their past, present and future lives. A fantastic structure for a book. One that reminds me of Wilkie Collins in his "Woman in White" novel. Also used by Kingsolver in her "Poisonwood Bible" and "Animal Dreams". I like the differences in the language of the narrators. My favorite is this old man who is not really in tune with his actions and sentiments but "gets it" at the end against his best judgement. The underlying teaching of science of botany, ecology, religions, respect of human ideas, all that is also masterfully done. I finish this book with being more knowledgeable and having a better educated opinion of many subjects and I am sad to have to let those characters live on their fictitious lives without me.

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