Saturday, November 14, 2009

My notebooks and such!

A couple of my blog visitors asked me to show some of my journals, sketchbooks and such. So I have taken pictures of few... of them and will just make a little random showcase of the whole lot. Those are reflecting 15 years of Alaska. I don't have really specific ones for specific tasks... not surprise at all by that if you know me as I don't like to organize my life in predictable ways. Nonetheless of course I do have some watercolor "carnets" for painting and I even have one that I give myself challenges associated with books that I read about colors. I do have a good memory though on where things are, sure.
What I lack is memory for names so I write those down in my notebooks along with my doodles, quotes, sketches, movie stubs, books and authors, ideas for future quilts poems, thoughts and the lists and such go on and on... not to forget the journal entries of what is happening in my head, my heart, my life, my ideas, it all translate into this pile of personal memoirs.
I hope that you have fun watching those images.


Nanc said...

Fun post, Roxane! Is the vertigo gone yet?

roxanestoner said...

Nop, but I am feeling a better.

Iliana said...

Oh Roxane, thank you so much for letting us have a peek into your journals! These are fabulous... So I gotta ask, do you have different journals going on at once? Like one for just writing, one for illustrations, etc? I have such a hard time with that because one journal I keep strictly for where I spill all my stuff. But then I like to keep separate journals for other things - like poetry, book reviews, etc. Of course this means I have lots of journals going on at once but I guess that's just what works for me. Oh and another question, what pen do you use for your illustrations?

And, what's this about vertigo? Take care of yourself!

Iliana said...

Oh duh, I just re-read your entry! I was so focused on the images - sorry :)

Still can you tell us about some of your favorite art supplies you like using in your journals?

roxanestoner said...

I do have different size journals going on at once. I do have one for my purse, one by my bed, one on my desk... Inside each journal is are consecutive chronological entries but not always. I also have one that I reserve for the Tarot readings. I don't use them for divination but for fun and meditation. I do record them and sometimes illustrate my readings. One of my favorite decks is the Animal Medicine Cards that you can see on the pictures I posted. Also I use the 356 days of Tao for meditation and I have made so many anotations in the books that it is kind of a journal by itself. As for the drawing supplies I use: Pentels metallic brushes with already ink in the wells, Windsor and Newton inks, my favorite markers are FaberCastell Pitt Artist Pen in the burnt sepia, sepia and black. They make them in with three different tips. I would buy them in every colors but they don't make them yet. THey do make them with the brush tip though but not the same to me. Anyway that is about it. Oh Watercolor and gouach e also Windsor and Newton with Isabey watercolor brush. About Vertigo... another story. I am going to the doctor in a minute. Thanks Iliana.

Anonymous said...

Your journals are art, they could be a show in themselves. My writing and drawing is not so pretty and not organized at all. Your blog in inspiration. Can't wait to get back.

roxanestoner said...

Thank you so much Linda. Are you sure you want to come back to -5F?