Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

The sun is hitting my face this morning like a shot of caffeine. It was hiding for hours behind the mountain and at once a spot shines on me. Like on queue I am animating all my senses into making a stretch of "welcome to you your majesty". My sun salutation is rewarded by a bit of warmth coming from the window. A bit of life. A bit of change. A bit of fun. A bit of light. A bit of time. A bit of wealth. A bit of luck. A bit of awe. Only few minutes and it will all be gone again behind other mountains, playing tricks on my hibernating brain. So for now and now not only I am taking in my vitamins and counting my blessings.


Lionheart said...

I like this writting. Your photo of the leaf with the rain drops is awsome.

roxanestoner said...

Thank for the visit and the comments Rick.

Jennifer said...

Do you see the shadow of the person standing under the sun in worship? "Augh, be still and let me feed your soul" the Sun says:)