Thursday, May 31, 2007

In Kansas City we are!!!!

So we arrived last night in a storm. Rain like you wouldn't believe. At the airport there is a Tornado shelter sign to welcome people and put them right in the mood...
I won't elaborate about what we did I will just give you few pictures.
That was then and today was that.... Beautiful sky, gorgeous sun and warm temperature. That is more what I had ordered. ahahah
I went to two lectures in the morning. One was about collaborative work from two UC Davis professors. They are working on a project with Vietnamese Designers. They have taken the traditional woman dress called Ao Dai. It is a symbol of what the Vietnamese Woman stands for tradition feminism beauty culture and respect. They have send out a survey to about 50 vietnamese women living in the USA and have combined their answers in their final designs. it is a fascinating project that will have an impact on the community.
The other lecture was by reknown shibori artist Carter Smith. He was demonstrating and explaining how his Shabori Machine is so special. Interesting for sure but it was really his personality that was what triggered my interest. He is full of insight about how passion and work of an artist evolves. I volunteered at lunch time during the Silent Auction and they have nice items to bid on. I restrained myself.
In the afternoon I got visit an exhibit of the SDA members. Next year I will be among them showing one of my piece. It is my goal. That was really the highlight of the day for me. Such talent concentrated in one room with the same size assignment but how deverse. Denise Gallup has a piece (See the picture). We did get to the Vendor's building afterdiner and here again lots of great things. Overall I am very impressed by the organization and the quality what is offered. We also went to the Keynote addressed by an art dealer from Chicago Doug Dawson. Well the guy was very courageous with this type of audience and kept it very "authentic" and honest about his interpretation of "Surface".
That is all for tonight.
Tonight we are blogging and calling our family


Maman said...

Puisqu'il n'y a pas d'autres photos, c'est que tu es très occupée. je suis chez Carole jusqu'à lundi pour la Fête des Mères. Si tu vois ce messages, mets des photos....bisous. Maman

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