Saturday, May 12, 2007


Meet our new family member "Gaia". She was born on March 1st 2007 in Minnesota. Her mother's name is Licorice. She has discovered my enlarging lap since she arrived and has problem with going without... ahhaha. She is the sweetest mini dachshund you can think of. She has been with us now for 9 days. She is mellow, intelligent (fetches her toys for us already) and cuddly. She is black and tan, short hair. So about her name: She almost got to be "Cachou" which is a French licorice candy that I am very found of and she has a marking under her chin that looks like one. After thinking a bit more Emily and I decided on Gaia (name for Mother Earth). Gaia was also the name of a dear family friend of ours. Louis Gaia who is still missed to this day. So it is nice to be thinking about him when calling out for this sweet girl. My sister pointed out also that Gaia was the name of Salvator Dali's wife. So there!

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