Sunday, May 27, 2007


My good friend Nancy Dobson
and I are in Chicago since this afternoon. Gaia is taken care by Emily (brave girl that she is). Curt is fishing on the Kenai... Anyway we arrived safely and the weather is gorgeous. Quite a different experience than the last time that I was there (with Nancy too) when it was October, cold and windy and the trees were bare. The town is fully alive people and nature are showing all their color. We have walked about three miles just close to our hotel (The Essex Inn). We had a late/ early diner at the Grill on the Park (Millenium Park) and after consuming a large farm animal (sorry Emily) we had a nice walk to work it off. There was a concert of Percussion at the Gehry Music Pavillion so it made the walk even more enjoyable
We got to see a beautiful display of purple and green garden. Just breath taking with the skyline in the background. The fountain and the cloud gate still winning the public appreciation (mine too: it is just the most visualy intriguing thing I have seen) (maybe!!!).
More to come in the morning . We are quite tired and it is time to say goodnight. Sweet dreams.

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