Friday, February 17, 2012

A Picture a Day To Keep My Troubles Away

So I have decided to take a picture a day to set the mood for that day. You might say well like She wasn't before??? Yes I was, I am but this one will have a different meaning, one with a different purpose. Since I journal in the morning, then I draw something, I believe that adding a photograph to the list can only improve to set the mood of the day. See the progression... write, draw, photograph! An affirmation of how it all started out. I doubt that I will share that daily picture often but once in a while it might pop up. Life has been very very slow lately. I have been a recluse only going out of my domain for the essential food gathering, yoga, meeting friends (very furtively), going to Fiber relating events, walking the pooch,  and occasional binges at the library and bookstore. What is happening to my ever so adventurous self? Well I only can think that it needed a break from it or that it needed to be narrowed down to a minimum, and it is setting still, very still, in a state of remission. I might also grieve my former life and all the lovely people that were in it. Missing my favorite friends terribly, my favorite hang outs, the snow ( I know that is crazy), the beauty of it all. Now my days are pretty much like:: get up, get coffee, tartine with marmalade, vitamins ( thanks to my Naturopath for those because I might just go back to bed all day without a bit of humph from those...), eat while checking the World out on the Internet: facebook,  favorite book blogs etc. then the journaling bits, than the cleaning bits, than who knows what bits... then it is evening and cooking takes a bit and then movie watching then reading bits.There are some bits of time spent in the yard preparing the roses and beds for the anticipating seasons. Friday I have the Walls Street Journal Crossword Puzzle to look forward to. There are a good amount of time spent on reading or studying what I have on my shelves. I have always liked my books but now, I am in love with them. My inspirations lately are more drawn out of those than in anywhere else. A word, a sentence, a title bring me into a state of wonder. So it is no wonder that "It" takes so much out of my day. Those are safe and really good company. So solitude might just be a visual thing but not a state of mind. I have about 120 friends on facebook, thousand of authors on my shelves, a puppy, a wonderful new friend, a couple of fantastic local  old friends and  two roomates in my life that give me the illusion that I am not alone and the regular phone calls from my lovely daughter that brighten my life., pretty busy "Stille Life". That might be all that I need at the moment, maybe? So where did  all this outpouring of creative energy go? all I can say is that it is in a reset, relocate mode, absorb new surroundings, setting new roots, getting comfortable with one's new self, letting enough time for that new person to re-energize, it is just letting the yeast rise and mingle until ready to cook.
That was quite a discourse about introducing my Picture a Day. Digression is a beautiful mess but necessary in order to find where the thread went and where it is going, a good way to untie the knots and sew it into life again. Cheers!
"In My Hood"

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