Friday, January 20, 2012

Get Busy with It!

Sometimes things have to come out, there are no holding back. Is it wise to let it pour without restrain? Why not. It only gets things wide open and ready to be sorted. Maybe.Sometimes it adds more confusion, sometimes it takes you where you are scared of going. Anyway when it comes to drawing there is very risk involved only chances that some of the things that is born on paper will enlighten, intrigue and even delight the maker. The making process is the most fun, with no planning on my part. Just let the ink flow, the marks begin and the imagination takes the lead. Looking back afterword I can see the thread, the road, the path. That subconscious revealing deep feelings and concerns.  Can I say too much in those and feel too unprotected. Can it make sense to the viewer? It is really not the point but I am always interested in knowing where it takes the passerby. I am reading the book by Wassily Kandinsky "Concerning the Spiritual in Art". An interesting look at how the observation of this artist changed the way artists looked at themselves after him. How they were freed from following tradition in making art and accepted that skill was not the only measure to create art with. Guts and firsthand experience with life, emotion and color. Thank you Mr Kandinsky. It has allowed for Artists to come out of their shell. To experiment without restrain and be themselves however good or bad they are and be allowed to call themselves "Artists". Still not done with the book but looking forward to the chapter on colors. I have not been a great fan of Kandinsky but appreciating some of his work nevertheless, intrigued by it and never bored by it. I just don't connect as much with his art as with other painters'. Chagall, Picasso, Odilon Redon, Gustave Moreau, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edna St Vincent Millay, Vincent Van Gogh, Louise Bourgeois, Romare Bearden, those make my heart and breath stop.

Anyway I have had some fun last few days stranded in my house without a car and not wanting to face the outside. What is there to do but read, eat, and make art?

So here are a bit of a mix and match of late stuff including some quick sketches from the Life Drawing sessions that I go to for good measure.

I am still very slow to get back to my fabrics. I have made attempts but it is slowwwwww. So I am trying to be understanding and dabble with other things right now.


Lionheart said...

What is going on. The art looks great. I hope all is well.

roxanestoner said...

All is fine. Where are you escaping to this year? There is more to see around here. Happy Chinese New Year to you since I missed sending you good wishes 23 days ago!