Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Reflections of the Year!

What could I say about 2011 but that it has been a good year! A Year filled with Joy and Life gifts. A full year in our new house with many celebrations, many joys, a very quiet and peaceful year with very little drama compared to previous years of high stress and high movements. This year was a slow motion year, a year to move into one's new world with inquiry, a year to remember as a community, family and friendship year. A year of connection with new soil, new beauty, new simplicity, a frugality of sort, a brake and a break. My mind has encountered new experiences and some knowledge, emotions and images have emerged from those. What more to ask but a slow pace, a good strong internal glow that sustained my needs of the moment. I got to be more present. More available to listen to myself to get to befriend this person that is me and that I have to live with non stop. Not easy all the time to be oneself. I could deal to take a little vacation sometimes and get to be someone else. Never mind that is complicated enough to be me. Well reading is there for getting in other people's skin and mind and lives in a safe way. To experience all that you are not or to recognise what you are. Reading this year was as sparse as the rest. I did manage to be captivated by some, like:  "The Sister Brothers"by Patrick deWitt, "Cold Earth" by Sarah Moss, Jamrach's Menagerie: A Novel by Carol Birch, The Empty Family Stories by Colm Toibin, The Adventuress by  Audrey Niffenegger , Kafka's Soup by Mark Krick,  Great House by Nicole Krass, Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer, 1Q84 by Huraki Murakami, The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery, I Wish Someone Were Waiting for Me Somewhere by Anna Gavalda, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I am sure that I am forgetting some. I got to go to lectures and see Billy Collins in person and Peter Sis and Jacqueline Winspear and Colm Toibin... I have enjoyed good poetry and short stories, very few movies: Midnight in Paris and Hugo being my favorite. The last of the Harry Potter's series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were notable, but most of the others didn't make a big indentation. Yoga has become more important and that might attribute to the special slowing down of things around me and my ability to be aware of the moment.

The biggest even of the year was Emily and Travis Wedding. A beautiful celebration of love and friendship in an amazing peaceful setting. The happiness to have seen my Sister, my Mother, Paul and my friends throughout the year. They all made huge efforts to be present in my life, especially this year and I felt their love.

 I am thankful for a great year and I am looking forward to 
another adventure on the road of my life
that 2012 is going to be.

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