Friday, August 6, 2010

California Unplanned!

You know when you think that you are finally getting a grip on things and that you think that you can relax something else is sure to pop up and off you go once again in a frenzy? Well that is what is happening now and off I left for an Unplanned California Trip. I drove! It took me two days. Long hours in the hot sunny weather of the West Coast in late July makes you appreciate that your new home is in the Pacific Northwest where rain is of the essence. Such dry unfriendly area with flat land and imported water doesn't really appeal to me. I do love mountains and big trees and rivers and seas all in one spot and that is were I want to land. But in the meantime the Ventura County is were I am for few weeks. Trying to make the most of it. I am not complaining as it could be worse, a lot worse. It is an enchanted area where things don't look totally real. It is all for show so I need some landmarks to anchor me down and bring me back to reality. Today it is going to be the first day that I have not something planned every minute of the day. So I my plan is to get a swimsuit to go sit and read my book by the water. There is a park where I would like to hike with Gaia. They offer music in the park once a month and have a funky jazz car parked in the parking lot. The visitor's center looks interesting. I am into Free Fun opportunities right now.

Yesterday was my 51st Birthday. Paul and I went after his work to a nice Mexican restaurant. I had Mole Enchiladas, he had Carnitas. We were on the terrace, roses all over of every colors and scents. The sunset was filtering everything in a golden light that made the place look magical. One of the definitions of "Magic" is: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source... and so it sure feels like it ... this whole trip has had some surreal events. I have to surrender to the forces at work and just make lemonade out of the lemons and sip it and enjoying as it cools me down to the core.


BookPlease said...

Happy Birthday for 6th August - your birthday meal sounds magical!

Iliana said...

Happy Belated Birthday Roxane! Hope there are many more magical days and moments waiting for you :)

roxanestoner said...

Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes, Margaret and Iliana. Enjoy the magic in your lives too.