Saturday, July 24, 2010

Library card

I am officially living in Tacoma since I got my Library card. It is a precious commodity with a key chain format so easy to have on hand. Wherever and whenever I go I have a choice of a library to visit in this town. Just fabulous. The one in my neighborhood is about to be closed for renovation at the end of next month so I have planned to visit it often before that. So far three visits. The park just next door is very pleasant with lots of shade and trails going into the thicket. A children's playground. The staff is just a delight. I have so far checked out books on Bungalow style houses, how to find information about your historical home, house plans of the arts and crafts homes, a couple of graphic novels (Buddha by osamu tezuka, Tales of the Weird by Ralph Steadman) then of course I got few movies. I don't have access to a CD player at the time so no books on tape. That time will come. I have of course a couple of fiction but I am not sure if I will have time to spare on those. I am reading other things that I captivating my attention as well as spending time exploring my new grounds. I have set up my watercolors and paper on the terrace looking at the pretty view and just had fun making nonsensical paintings. So days are passing with a more relaxed attitude and I have let go of the stress of the past six months. It is out of my control and what I can control I am trying to make it fun and non complicated.

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