Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tacoma Here We Come!

Here I am after 5 days driving the AlCan Hwy. My friend Bunny was once again coming to help with sharing the drive down with Gaia and I. We had fun watching the wildlife crossing our path (8 black bears, one grizzly, one fox, a herd of bison, moose, sheep, deers, black ravens galore, hawks and bald eagles). The scenery was amazing. Miles and miles of lakes, spruce and birches, mountains and starting wild flowers. The road is now paved all the way with few gravel where construction was taking place. There were little orange flag all along marking the frost eaves that plague the great north's roads. Except our first night in Watson Lake in a terrible hotel "Westmark" (blood on the ceiling in very close quarter and cigarettes smoke smell, yikes that was bad) we had pretty good luck in Fort Nelson, Prince George (there we had to addapt our electrical ingeneering resources to make the tv and the air conditionning work at the same time, it is all about being resourceful and willing to jump over electrical lines!!!!) and finally Cache Creek.
We listened to books on tapes and had nice conversations. Food wasn't really the highlight of the trip but friendship was. Thank you Bunny! We arrive safe and sound.

It was so fun to already have a visitor for my first days in Tacoma. Nancy was down for few days and I got to enjoy her company fully. We went around areas of Tacoma looking at houses, visited the Museum of Glass, had a wild 4th of July party where I am staying with a live band and tons of people. Watched the fireworks all snug outside in a sleeping bag!!!! it was pretty cold and windy up on the bluff. Those are just few things that we got to do in few days.

I had a hard time saying goodbye to Nancy...

Now it is slowing sinking in that my new life is here. Third day in a row of beautiful weather with incredible blue skies. Mount Rainier is towering over in a short distance and the sail boats are out with all sails out in the evening. It is quite a beautiful present tense. The transition is easier that way for sure.
I am going to explore the city a bit more today with a trip to the main library and the WW Saymour Conservatory at Wright's Park.


Nanc said...

It sounds like you're settling in nicely, Roxane. Thanks for showing me all the beautiful areas of Tacoma. It was a special treat to spend some time in your new environment. I miss having you in the neighborhood, though. :>(
Best wishes on your search.
Miss you.

roxanestoner said...

You are very welcome Nancy, can't wait to see you again. Miss you too.

Lionheart said...

Wow Roxane, It sounds like your trip down was wild and cool. I envy all the wildlife spotting. I hope everything works out great. Hope to visit soon.
Rick C