Monday, August 16, 2010

A Few Hours at the Hammer Museum and more

Life in Southern California doesn't change much in the summer. Hot, hot and hotter so what is there to do in the day. Escape the heat at all cost, that is what! So I have gone to every building that has air conditioning. From Ventura to Riverside where I have been cruising. Freeways don't have any secrets for my Garmin GPS. You want to go where???? no problem, just follow my directions and be ready to make U turns when you don't follow them fast enough. I have also done some sewing at the park in the afternoon under old growth green oak trees. One of them is actually growing sideways. A perfect bench, I'd say! I also rescued a couple of beagles on distress. They were lost and frantic, on a scented trail of some wild creature for sure. Their nose never left the ground. They were shortly reunited with their owners not to worry. So off I was with Paul to the Hammer Museum. The exhibit "Outside the Box" Edition Jacob Samuel, 1988-2010 is showing right now until August 29th. Just an amazing retrospective of this Master Printer who with the genius idea to ask artists that he studied for 10 years at least to make a series or book of etchings. Each box or book or series is unique and reflect a beautiful story behind the intriguing artwork. The collaboration is essential in this form and how each involved got to keep it's identity is an art in itself. If you have a chance run to it. The permanent collection is also a treasure of known and not so known pieces by Van Gogh, Rembrant, Cezanne, Fantin Latour, Fragonard, Gauguin, Gustave Moreau, John Singer Sargent. Pretty impressive. The lighting is perfect in those dark rooms. There is also a contemporary gallery with impressive names but it didn't hold my attention as much. The courtyard is very inviting with fountains, a restaurant and many plants. The Wilder Theater is also showing old movies on Sundays.

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