Friday, June 18, 2010

More friends

Bunny and Mimi came down to Tacoma for few hours yesterday. We decided to meet at the Museum of Glass. There are two fabulous exhibits right now. If you have the occasion to go you will not be disappointed. First one is a body of work from Glass artist: Preston Singletary. Having a Tinglit grandparent has influenced this artist. He has reproduced usual artifacts from his ancestral culture with a new medium: Glass. He has mastered the sand blowing technique, the casting, the color and other innovative ways to work with glass. How interesting to see a row of regularly made with cedar some baskets that are now in glass and still showing the authentic symbols. There are panels depicting those of carving in the front of long houses. The only missing item is the totem. That would have been a bit challenging I suppose. Anyway the low light room brings lovely shadows that enhance the masterpieces.

The other exhibit is about very young children's drawing transformed into glass sculptures by the team of glassblowers from the Hot Shop of the museum. They show the original drawing and comment from the child and the sculpture next to it. Just fun, colorful and whimsical for sure.

We took a stroll to the sky bridge where the Venetian pieces from Dale Chihuly are showcased in permanence and it was good bye until soon.

Of course after seeing a house next to Jefferson Park in North Tacoma by the Proctor district I met old gorgeous trees. Firs and Cypress and other essences that I don't know. One looked like Van Gogh could have known him at some point. I would love to try to make a quilt depicting that giant.
Those are the fresh news from TACOMA, my new town.


Nanc said...

I'm glad you're making new friends, and seeing good,old friends. It sounds like you're home, Roxane. I'm looking forward to lower 48 road trips! See you soon. Do you need a ride home Sunday?

Carol said...

Tout semble magnifique. Gaïa a t elle choisi sa nouvelle maison ? En tout cas elle aime cet arbre ! Moi aussi

roxanestoner said...

Nancy, I will have to introduce you to my new friends when you come and visit very soon.
Carol, tu as raison c'est magnifique. Pas de nouvelle maison pour l'instant. Je vais habiter ou est Curt pour l'instant. J'ai hate de te montrer Tacoma.