Friday, June 4, 2010

Around the Studio in Few Minutes

I am ready to take down some quilts for the move and want to preserve the moment. Those are the quilts that I don' t want to sell. Those beacons that are helping me find the way to their new resting place. They are the cairns that people create to know where they are or were in their history. Stone after stone they have created my path toward the before uncharted territory. Few mementos along them amicably cohabit in the semi physical place. This studio has not been as real of a place as the kitchen for example. As soon as I step in I am sucked in a realm of fantasy mixed with hard work, love, time travel back and forth where the present can be sliced and eaten like a pie, sweet and juicy. Those ingested calories stick with you like cellulite and even when unwanted will eventualy help you with during future starvation.


Carol said...

Pure émotion pour moi. Je suis heureuse d'avoir connu ton cocon d'inspiration et de création ! bisou

Nanc said...

Beautiful, Roxane. There are more cairns waiting to show you the way. I'm sure the journey will be wonderful, but I will miss you.

roxanestoner said...

Grosse bise pour ce gentil message ma Grande Soeur!Tu m'as fait un plaisir enorme de venir en Alaska. Je n'oublierai jamais ta visite. Que du bonheur.
Thank you Nancy, I do hope that you are right. I will miss you too. I am anticipating more adventures to share with you in the future.