Sunday, May 23, 2010

While packing, the sky is blue

I have started to pack seriously in the last week or so. No buyer yet but I will be gone by June 30th. My new life is waiting in Tacoma. Such nice things to look forward to will help the seperation from Alaska. I have yet to cut the strings and remove the roots that I have anchored in the last 15 years. As I will I will let some fall and remain in the ground.

What an interesting life I have had here. Never dreamed even in a nightmare to live so long in such a strange place. That love and hate relationship, nothing new just strange how it develops.

I have been happy here even if this is not the place for me to be. The best was the friendship that I have developed. Those strong intelligent independent women that have been a constant joy and salvation. They have stimulated my being and kept me whole. They are family.

Anyway, once more, my little treasures are being tucked away and moved. Where and when they get to be freed is one of my numerous questions. We are looking for a place to rent in Tacoma. Something small and urban where I can walk to the park and the coffee shop, the bookstore and read my book by the water (under my umbrella, probably). No bear spray is involved in my wandering mind.

Few fun events before I go, a wedding and a trip to Homer, then a long 4 days drive to Tacoma. A road trip to commemorate the Alaskan Chapter of my life. I will remember turning 50, it has been quite a shift.


BookPlease said...

I wish you all good luck with your move. We were 15 years at our previous house and even though we knew it wasn't really the place for us it was hard to leave it. And after 15 years in one place we had so much stuff to sort out before we could even begin to pack up, but friends are the hardest of all to leave - and we only had a one day trip to make.

May you soon have a buyer and a new home!

roxanestoner said...

Thank you so much Margaret. I will keep you posted.

Denise said...

OH, Roxane I am so sad and so enviously happy for you all at the same time. Hope to see you on the way to or from Homer. Give a call.

Nanc said...

I'm really going to miss you.........:>(

Carol said...

J'ai les larmes aux yeux en te lisant. Pour l'avoir vécu, je sais combien c'est dur de partir et en même temps si excitant. je pense à toi très fort. Bisous