Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy events

Spring is for happy events. The birds and the bees are aware and so are humans. It seems that when we are starting to shed our winter clothing other mysteries unfold in other domains. jLove is floating around like a palpable insect. The air smells sweeter as the love spreads around. So here are some of the tender moments of this Spring of 2010:
Emily and Travis got engaged,
Liam turned One Year Old,
Arthur and Charlotte are pregnant, they are having a boy,
Jessica and Mark are pregnant and just found out that their baby is going to be a girl
Dan and Ashley had their Wedding ceremony yesterday.
On another note the temperature has improved so much the last three days that I actually sunbathed in a bathing suit on the balcony. Unbelievable! My shoulders feel a bit sunburned: a strange welcomed 'sunsation". (I made me do it...).

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