Sunday, May 2, 2010

High Drama In Eagle River

I don't know about you but the Full Moon affects my family and myself so I do expect high drama around that time each month. More or less, it depends. Well this last one was in the highest of my life and amazingly enough the sky was acting strange too. Big dark clouds, white fluffy ones playing with Sunshine and Shadows over our little corner of the World was matching the intensity of my life. I had to capture this all scene in order to never forget how strong it makes you feel alive.


Our Little Finch Flock said...

We were in and out of Eagle river through the weekend. Great photos!

Iliana said...

Beautiful pictures Roxane! Thank you for sharing those :)

Nanc said...

Nice photos,Roxane. Glad to see the snow is off the roads and yards! Woo hoo.....must be about time to head back north. Can't wait to see you!