Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Computer

Blue Moon on the last day of 2009
Happy to end and start the year with a new computer. Don't know if my laptop will ever be working again but for now the tower will do. I can now receive emails as usual and that is a plus.

Anyway Curt is leaving tomorrow afternoon for his new digs in Tacoma, WA and a new job starting on the 4th. He is pretty happy about the new adventure.

Today is what you call in France "Un grand beau temps" the sky could not be crisper and bluer. The sun is all out and it is the perfect day to end the infamous 2009. So much as happened this year, some great things but a lot of nasty things that could be left behind before moving on to the new year. Unfortunately some health issues are going to go on and I will try to get them under control soon I hope. So I am welcoming 2010 with optimism and happiness. I am looking forward to have a show at Virtue in March during the Fiberfest even more since Nancy will be joining me in the venture. What a fun way to do one more thing with my friend. Of course she will already be in sunny warm Colorado (by that time) but that is just a detail. The show must go on. hahah.

So out with the old and on with the new. I am ready!


Margaret said...

Happy New Year, Roxane. I hope 2010 will be better for you and your move will go smoothly. We're almost settled in our new house now and have great hopes for the new year.

We still have snow, the sun is not up yet today as I type but the forecast looks better than yesterday, when we had lots of snow. We're off to visit our son later this morning, so much better than being 10 hours away from him.

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Margaret and same to you, Happy New Year with many good reads and happy times.
So nice to be able to drive to loved ones. I might have that luxury in the future too. Your yard looks very poetic under it's blanket of snow. You will have fun to discover the secret plants growing when spring comes your way. Enjoy your new life.

Iliana said...

I'm hoping this year is filled with a lot of health and happiness for you! I hate dealing with health issues - they bring all my anxiety issues in full force. So sending some good thoughts your way :)

Happy New Year!

roxanestoner said...

Thank you Iliana, It is greatly appreciated appreciated.