Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Curt has accepted a new job in Tacoma, WA.
A new phase is about to start. Alaska has been good to me. I have made incredible tied with incredible people. I have found my passion. I have endured long winters and they have made me stronger. I have witnessed amazing scenery and natural phenomenas that are proper to this extreme place. I am grateful to that extreme lifestyle that pushed me beyond my control.
Going back to Washington is a bit like going home to me. I have loved that state since I set my foot on it's ground. I still have strong very strong friendship there that makes it all seems like a reward to go live in Tacoma. I do like that town a lot. On the edge of the water, at the foot of Mt Rainier, the Museum of Glass, 6 hrs away from Bend, Oregon (where Emily is), 12 hrs from California where we have family, Closer to France (travel time), Closer still to Grand Junction (watch out Nancy, I will come to visit as I hope you will too), four seasons, moisture, big trees, roses, apples trees, and so many other things that are luxuries where I have been living for 15years.
Two of my favorite bookbloggers (Margaret and Iliana) are moving to new places too, and if you believe in the "never two without three" saying than it only seems normal and logical that I should be the next in line to move.


Margaret said...

How exciting! Moving house is always stressful but rewarding too, especially as it sounds as though you know and love Tacoma! I'll look forward to seeing your photos. Best wishes for your move - will it be soon?

We move into our new house this weekend - furniture is arriving on Monday - so roughing it till then.

Nanc said...

I'm very sad that you won't be right down the street, Roxane. But, I know this will be an exciting move for you, and it will be so nice to be closer to Emily and Paul.......and Bunny and Mimi! There will definitely be some road trips between Colorado and Washington! Best wishes for a smooth transition.

Deb H said...

Oh Roxane, I am so sad to have you leave here! I hope to stay in touch, & maybe sometime visit you down there. We go to Seattle at least once a year or more. Honestly, if we ever move, it will probably be somewhere in that general area.

We will all miss you!! Best of luck.

Lionheart said...

Curt e-mailed me with the news. This is wonderful. I hope to visit when the wildflowers are in full glory one year soon. I will let you get settled in first. Sad thing is next time I visit Alaska it will have to be the hard way. But WASHINGTON IS GREAT, lots of parks, nature, the ocean, and more. Good luck on the move, keep in touch send new address.LOVE rICKc

roxanestoner said...

Margaret, thank for the good wishes. I can't wait to hear about your new place.
Nancy, I am planning on being your friend as long as you will have me, no matter where I live.
Deb, I am looking foward to your annual visit. Will be fun to see you in a different environment.
Rick, There are adventures to be had in the future for sure. Come any time and many times

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Enjoy Tacoma! A North Pole visit always a waits you. You have been a Sourdough many times over. Enjoy your Christmas and have a very Happy New Year! Keep in touch.