Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Happy Mother's Day, and a lot more...

To all the Women that have the experience Motherhood in any form in their lives have a Wonderful Happy Mother's Day!
I am in Flagstaff, Arizona where my daughter Emily has graduated from Northern Arizona University yesterday.

It was quite an emotional filled moment in my life. (Emily and her proud parents )She has grown into such a wonderful young woman. (Here she is with Travis, her boyfriend)
I am so proud of her in so many levels. She was born "mature" and I didn't have much to tell her for her to understand the rules of the game of life. Nevertheless she has always been happy to be around me and listen to my counseling, laugh with me at my lame jokes, stay by me and smile, has no problem telling me how it is. I love the relationship that we have and I am looking forward to see what the next "chapter" will bring to her.
We had a very nice dinner celebration at Brix in town. I would recommend a meal in this very intimate restaurant if you are going visiting the area.
We have spent the last few days hiking around in a nice hot heat with a cool breeze. Works for me. The trails have those gorgeous giant pine trees that release the most beautiful sent Even the dead ones still speak loudly.
Travis has treated us to a visit to "Walnut Canyon National Monument". It is such a magical place where the Sinagua ( It means "without water") people lived more than 800 years ago. Not much is known and much is speculated about these people in the area but they used the cliff natural shallow carving from the erosion of the limestone to construct their dwellings. To form walls they shaped limestone rocks and cemented them together with some gold colored clay found at the bottom of the canyon. They used wood beams to reinforced the doorways. (This one is a caryatid ....)They then plastered the wall with clay on the inside and the outside.
The plants around are really interesting right now with the new blooms coming in. Cactus and yucca. Have you ever heard of a Banana Yucca blossom....? Those are still closed and I can only image them in full bloom. The Sinagua people would use the yucca plant to make soap, food, fiber and construction material. There are pinyon pine and ponderosa, prickly pear cactus and claret cup cactus. Of course the Junipers are my favorite with their twisted ancient look. The texture on their trunks could occupy one for years of study. Such sources of inspirations are countless around the area. I think that I would have much enjoyed being a Sinagua living in one of those dwellings.
A lot more soon...


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day Roxane!
Linda K.

Alaska Hamlins said...

Wow, neat photos! The one of the tree trunk reminds me of your quilts. Congratulations to Emily on her graduation, and Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

Carol said...

je ne savais pas que c'était la Fête des Mères !
En tout cas, BRAVO à Emily et à ses heureux parents.
Il y avait vraiment de quoi être heureuse....Bisou

Lionheart said...

Roxanne and Curt and Emily

So happy to find out that Emily has graduated. Congats to her and good luck. I wish to have been their. I am so happy for you all and hope all is well.
Rick C.